Project Details

To create a live auction application that allows both live auction participants and internet participants to place bids in real time.

To meet the challenge //hWd developed an application that streams live audio of the auctioneer over the internet which allows internet bidders to follow along with the live action on the auction floor. An auction control panel was created that allows an auction administrator to enter bids placed on the floor of the live auction. When a bid is placed, either by the auction administrator or by an internet bidder, the application "pushes" the new information out to all of the bidders in real time. The Pusher web socket API is used to handle the real time transactions.


  • ColdFusion
  • Pusher Web Sockets Integration
  • Live Audio Streaming
  • JQuery/Ajax
  • MySql

"I have hired developers for projects in the past; many only do what they are told and don't add any value. Brian was a great asset. He was able to take our idea and think through all of the parts. He was able to see potential problems and offer solutions before mistakes were made. Auctioning aircraft is a high stakes endeavor. The application works perfectly!"

Mark Rollag, Owner, Airplane Auctioneer