Project Details

To create an application that helps the Great Nebraska Beer Fest coordinator manage the brewery, beer and volunteer information needed to organize a successful event.

To offload the burden of managing all of the brewery and beer information we built a user based application that gives breweries control over their own data. Breweries are invited to create their own account. Once the account is approved by the event coordinator, they are free to enter all of their information including what beers they are bringing to the event. To help manage the volunteer force a simple signup form was created. Using the site's administrative console the event coordinator can pull volunteer reports and keep the volunteers updated via email. A mobile based site was created with a "Beer Finder" application that makes it easy for festival goers to find the types of beer they are looking for.

Site Artwork by:


  • ColdFusion
  • MySql
  • JQuery/Ajax
  • JQuery Mobile Framework
  • Custom Handset Detection

"I'd like to take a moment and spotlight the work that has done for us relative to the largest beer fest in the State of Nebraska - The Great Nebraska Beer Fest. Brian worked with us from concept, through coding, and well into post-launch and was an absolute delight to work with. Coupling our desires with the realities of the technical aspects was extremely important when it comes to bridging the gap between what can be done and what needs to be done.

Brian was able to take raw information from us in the development phase and massage it such that integration was not only seamless but painless. And I have to tell ya, pain tends to be an unfortunate aspect in so many involved and multi-faceted projects. If there were any painful moments, Brian kept them behind the scenes and communicated status in a timely manner and he truly has mastered the ability to keep stress to a minimum.

We were told by so many people that our beer finder was extremely helpful and one of the best implemented when compared to others attempting to provide similar information to their festival patrons. Not only has it turned into the "go-to" feature for attendees, we've also managed to greatly reduce our printing expense and remove one of the many difficult aspects that we have to deal with. Due to his beer finder app, we've gone down a much greener path and have reduced our hard-copy festival programs to about 10% of what they were previously.

Without question and in a heartbeat I'd recommend Brian and again and again."