Project Details

To create a turnkey call center application that specializes in supporting the real estate market. The application needed to allow Realtors to instantly provision numbers upon signup, and be up and running wih minimal effort.

Realty Receptionist is the only service of its kind to allows realtors to instantly provision a toll-free or local number that can be used to field customer inquires on their behalf. The system combines web, telephony, SMS and email to enable call center agents with real estate specific training to provide 24/7 support to busy realtors. //hWd developed every aspect of the application including the setup and maintenance of the call center application. The Vitelity API was used to provision telephone numbers and a custom process was developed to automatically create call flows in Vicidial.


  • ColdFusion
  • Vicidial/Asterisk
  • MySql
  • JQuery/Ajax
  • Vitelity API
  • Bootstrap Responsive Framework
  • CIM