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Project Details

To create an web based entry management system that is easy to use and enforces complex entry rules.

Bravo!'s needs have evolved greatly in the nine years //hWd has been their development partner. As the complexity and size of their business increased more emphasis has been placed upon leveraging custom application development to help the staff manage the event entry process from beginning to end. Together we developed an entry system that is easy for their studios to use and navigate. The system also has a robust "back-end" that allows the staff to track studios and entries from creation to the day of the event.

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  • ColdFusion
  • MySql
  • JQuery/Ajax
  • Custom CMS
  • TourPro Integration

We are absolutely delighted with our many year relationship with Brian and the website he has developed for us. We are continuously complimented on the ease and functionality of our entry system from our many customers across the country. Brian is an extremely talented developer with excellent customer service skills who works to get the job done right and hit every deadline for us. We look forward to many years of working with him and would never hesitate to recommend his services to other businesses.

Brendan C. Buchanan, Owner/Executive Director - Bravo! Competition